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Crystal Salt
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Who we are...

Dedicated Researchers and Practitioners of Holistic Alternative Health Practices including many varieties of sound and color therapy. We have spent a lifetime educating and acquiring experience in alternative medicine and have a strong desire to share our knowledge with the world.

We built a unique, one of a kind facility to utilize the best environment, technology & methodology a person can immerse themselves into. Despite all the fancy equipment & technology we don't stray far from nearly every other well known method to heal, regenerate and energize the body.

Happy is Healthy!

Vibration is Matter.

Control your Vibration.

Control your Matter.


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You are a digital, bio-holographic, precipitation, crystallisation, miraculous manifestation of divine frequency vibration.  

We all Breathe the same Polluted Air...

 The Wonders of Water! 


 The Benefits of Oxygen Therapy 

 Why You Should Detox Your Body 

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"Let me start be saying I’m not sure I totally understand this technology and am usually skeptical about trying new things. 20 years ago, I was in a car accident where I was in a head on collision - consequently my feet were very damaged.  For the past 20 years the pain has been constant and trying to find relief was impossible.  Then I was introduced to this technology.  The first day after using the scalar and receiving my holograms, I was walking without pain and a horrible limp…. a miracle to me. Among other things the other big improvement was for my cataract. 16 months ago, I had cataract surgery on one of my eyes but due to a family emergency I did not have the other eye done…. so, I wear a hologram for cataracts. That sight in that eye is improving, without surgery. Can’t wait to go back for a checkup so they can see the improvement. Another miracle for me.  My energy level is amazing. Needless to say, I can’t say enough about this technology." 

— Betty 

The treatments done at ReMynde were nothing short of Amazing! I have had oxalate crystals coming out of my lymph system creating open wounds for 3 years, at one time I had over 75 open sores all over my body from head to toe these last for weeks and months. I looked like I had some horrible disease! I always worried about infection, my nerves we very much on edge and I couldn’t dress the way I wanted to it was awful! Traditional medicine was unsuccessful and other alternative medicine was unsuccessful! There is nothing that would make it stop until now!! Within two days of my treatment new crystals stopped appearing and the wounds healed completely! That was a miracle for me!! Another treatment I had was to quit a lifelong addiction to smoking. It worked so well I say that was another miracle for me! I must say the Detox also worked very well. I was very amazed learning the importance of the connection between Body Mind & Spirit! My energy level, mind clarity and focus also improved greatly! The knowledge I gained is irreplaceable! I can not say enough truly wonderful things about ReMynde and all the personal care and kindness I was given by the staff! It was truly a Blessing for me! I highly recommend any and all of the treatments offered here!

Thank You So Very Much ReMynde!

— Paula

Image by Daniel Andrade

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