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Solfeggio frequencies are the ultimate sounds that can promote your overall well being by harmonizing your body and repairing your DNA.

Right now you might need to…


Heal your tissues and organs


Eliminate fear, guilt, grief


Make a lasting positive change


Attract love and miracles


Heal your tissues and organs


Build good relationships and connections


Solve difficult Problems


Find spiritual balance


Reconnect with higher power


Do you need to achieve your full potential?

Well, I have good news for you!

You can rewrite your destiny with a powerful high-level frequency that can change all you are.

What Are Solfeggio Frequencies

They are ancient methods of teaching pitch, aural skills, and sight-reading, that originated from the 11th century in Italy by Guido of Arezzo.

He used this method to teach music to monastery choristers and science researchers concluded that this type of music has healing effects.

In 1988, biochemist Dr. Glen Rein tested the impact of the music chants on human DNA and further strengthened the claims made by ancient traditions about the healing effects of these music chants.

They discovered that the miraculous healing effects were peculiar to different frequencies of the Gregorian chants.


How Do They Work?

Each Solfeggio Frequency has a specific purpose and they all tune your mind when used properly.

Well, according to science, our body responds to external frequencies to change how we feel, think, and live.

Now with our pack of 96 Quantum Frequencies, you have in your hands meditation frequencies you can use to reharmonize your mind and drive positive energy.

Why Our Frequencies Are Worth Your Investment

Ease of Access - you can tune into a frequency of your choice while working/exercising, before bedtime or while meditating.

Effectiveness - We have had people who used our frequency and healed from their past, activated their third eye, unclog blockages from their life

Valuable - our frequencies are quite affordable compared to the overall makeover it gives to your life.

Instead of spending time looking for peace in some of the programs you might have tried out in the past, you can take the right steps that some of our clients took to get positive vibrations that changed their lives for good.

People say “I can do these things myself or maybe use a therapy to restore happiness

But they also forget that most of these therapies don’t know how to alter the cells in the human body.

But with our Quantum Frequencies that are designed to help you eliminate bad energy, attract miracles, change your DNA, you can finally build your life, give off good energy, etc

Time wasted in doing the wrong things is also a waste of resources.

Take for instance, spending an average of $12-$19 on books that teach you how to transcend from meditation, $90 worth of supplements and therapy sessions of $200 membership fee might be pricey compared to our bundle of frequencies that cost less.

One of the great experiences from our Quantum Frequencies is how handy and effective it is.

It can also be reused so many times so that you can only focus on what matters, which is getting the therapeutic results you’ve been looking for.


Why This Is The Future of Medicine…

1 Simple, Safe, and Convenient

The frequencies can be enjoyed on their own. 

2 Be Your Own Healer

The regenerative power of this frequency technology can finally restore the wellness you need in your life to live.

3 Non-invasive, Natural

Our frequency technology is an all-natural way to transform yourself without having to resort to invasive methods.

For Practitioners or Families

Recommended for practitioners or anyone who wants to improve overall wellness. It is an essential toolbox for all the wellness needs of you and your family.

Attract miracles and transform Yourself with these 9 Solfeggio frequencies!


Choose your prefered frequency carrier method and enjoy today!


Available in:

  • Holographic Stickers
  • Holographic Bracelets
  • Copper Coins
  • Copper Discs (Multiple sizes)

9 Solfeggio Frequencies for Transformation

$59.99 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price
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