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This Frequency Collection Will Be Everything You Need And More…

This collection essentially entrains your overall state of mental well-being. A peaceful and calm mind will resonate positivity in all aspects of life. Will promote stabilization between your mind and body. Relieves your mind from stress and improves overall mood. Helps develop a strong and resilient mind for a better and happier life.

10 Higher Quantum Frequencies, 69.84 MB

Balance & Clarity

  • Opens your mind and put it to a state of calmness
  • Reduces decision fatigue
  • Have a clear understanding of what's important in your life
  • Gain focus
  • Achieve inner peace
  • Bring your inner purity and a deeper sense of well being

Balance Emotions

  • Attain mental flexibility
  • Control your reactions during stressful situations
  • Improve concentration, consciousness
  • Feel motivated and happy
  • Promotes stabilization between our mind and body

Calm and Confident

  • Helps maintain calmness under pressure
  • Clears and relieves the mind from stress
  • Induces mental relaxation
  • Boost confidence

Calm Emotions - Control Anger

  • Remain calm and control your anger
  • Control your reactions during stressful situations
  • Feel in control and able to deal with various situations
  • Avoid destructive impulse reactions
  • Make calm and logical decisions

Happy Thoughts Feel Happier

  • Improves mood and feelings
  • Increase optimistic thoughts
  • Boost happy feeling
  • Helps reduce fatigue and anxiety
  • Attracts luck and induce feeling of success

Inner Peace and Joy

  • Feel deep inner peace
  • Experience joy and happiness
  • Find contentment and satisfaction

Relieve Anxiety

  • Feel mental and emotional relaxation
  • Release the knots in your gut
  • Release the pressure from worry and stress
  • Stop overthinking and overanalysis
  • Feel optimistic and positive
  • Confidence boost
  • Feel calm, clear and relaxed

Solid and Grounded

  • Feel solid and grounded
  • Feel purposeful and strong
  • Feel unshakeable and formidable

PTSD Trauma Recovery

  • Helps avoid feelings of distress when reminded of a tragic event
  • Helps avoid flashbacks, nightmares of either frightening things or event
  • Feel interested in life and daily activities
  • Helps against detachment from people around you
  • Have a positive outlook of your future

Stop Bad Habits

  • Reduce negative habits or addictions
  • Reduce vices and destructive behavior
  • Reduce cravings and depression
  • Feel content and less likely to resort to bad habits
  • Improve overall mood and happiness


Choose your prefered frequency carrier method and enjoy today!


Available in:

  • Holographic Stickers
  • Holographic Bracelets
  • Copper Coins
  • Copper Discs (Multiple sizes)

Emotional Healing and Recovery: Depression, Anxiety and PTSD

$59.99 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price
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