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Beginners Guide to Mindful Meditation

Intuitive Guided Meditation with Mindful Intent

  • 30 min
  • 45 US dollars
  • 18th Street

Service Description

Enjoy learning the benefits of Mindful Meditation as an individual, group, or family. Learn the benefits of this practice to experience the results together. This entryway to Mindful Meditation with our Intuitive Guide will help you to achieve all you have ever dreamed in a new lifestyle with less stress, happy family and more cohesion. So what exactly is meditation? It is a mental exercise that uses techniques such as breath pacing to raise external or internal awareness with the purposes of relaxing the body and relieving the mind. Some common styles of meditation include yoga, tai chi, and mindfulness meditation. History of Mindfulness Meditation Mindfulness is at the heart of Buddhist practices. The Sanskrit word for mindfulness, smriti fमृित, means ‘remember.’ Therefore, mindfulness can be defined as, “remembering to come back to the present moment” (Hanh, 1998). Since the 1990s, mindfulness meditation has received increasing attention from the Western world. Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on the Brain Mindfulness meditation has received the most attention in neuroscience research over the past two decades. Behavioral studies suggest that mindfulness mediation provides beneficial effects on a number of cognitive domains, including attention, memory, executive function, and cognitive flexibility. Additionally, these effects have been found in multiple brain regions, including the cerebral cortex, subcortical grey and white matter, brain stem and cerebellum.

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