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Crystal Salt
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Quantum Remote

Spooky Action at a distance, or better known as Quantum Entanglement

  • 30 min
  • 45 US dollars
  • 18th Street

Service Description

Albert Einstein called it "spooky action at a distance." Modern physics calls it "quantum entanglement." Simply put, it means that if any part of a single system is removed from that system to a different location, any action performed on the part will also be instantaneously performed on the parent system, and vice versa. Your DNA is part of a single system - that system is you. So when we apply frequency energy transmitted to your DNA, it's effects will also be transmitted to you - and only you, because of the unique identifier present in every cell of your body. Your DNA. During this session our Intuitive Guide will carefully discuss your health, goals and desires for improvement to create a custom program to benefit you specifically through quantum entanglement. Once the consultation and DNA sample is collected the therapies can then be administered via Quantum Remote with no impact on distance. You could be on the moon and still receive beneficial frequency treatments!

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