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Crystal Salt
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Sasers, Sound Based Lasers

  • 30 min
  • 45 US dollars
  • 18th Street

Service Description

You've heard of lasers. They're focused beams of light used in everything from supermarket scanners to DVD players, medical equipment and futuristic military weapons. Now scientists have created what they call a "Saser," the sound & Frequency-based Laser. A Saser is a laser that works with the addition of sound & frequency to the laser technology. Using an intense beam of uniform sound waves on a nano scale. These sound waves are composed of sonic vibrations called phonons & various Rife frequencies if so desired. In a laser, the photon beam is produced by stimulating electrons with an external power source so they release energy when they collide with other photons in a highly reflective optical cavity, the researchers explain. This produces a coherent and controllable shining beam of laser light in which all the photons have the same frequency and rate of oscillation. The Saser mimics this technology, but by using sound, to produce a sonic beam of phonons. The beam can contain Rife & sound various healing frequencies to accomplish whatever goals are desired. When stimulated by a power source (a light beam), the phonons multiply, bouncing back and forth between the layers of the lattice, until they escape out of the structure in the form of an ultra-high frequency phonon beam.

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