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Crystal Salt
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Sound Bath

Immerse your senses in pure bliss!

  • 30 min
  • 45 US dollars
  • 18th Street

Service Description

Our Sound Bath Experience is offered in many different ways. We have a 7 piece 432HZ high quality crystal singing bowl sound bath that can be utilized for sound healing and meditation, prayer, yoga, stress reduction, balancing body chakra, adjusting our emotional state and so on. We also include amazing additions like of our Zero G Massage which uses a state-of-the-art surround sound system; specialized instruments and nature sounds are played in therapeutic ways, combined with deep tissue massage and airbags for greater circulation from our Zero G Massage Chair to improve health and wellbeing. Massage Chair also offers an Air Ionizer! Breathe that fresh air in like your tree bathing. For the ultimate in Immersive experience add VR and oxygen therapy! You will see and smell the forest, or anywhere else you want to visit, as you ease your stress and worries away! The Method of Sound Therapy The method of sound therapy combines carefully considered therapeutic sound techniques which have been shown to affect physiology, neurology and psychology with a form of reflective enquiry (a kind of questioning). This approach has been shown to be very effective at improving health and wellbeing. These therapeutic sound therapy techniques are delivered using tonal and rhythmic instruments and voice. The tonal instruments used are Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, gongs and tuning forks. The vocal techniques are toning (the singing of one tone – usually using a vowel sound), overtoning (a technique where more than one tone is sung simultaneously) or mantra (the chanting of Sanskrit words). A practitioner of Holistic Voice Therapy or Group Voice Therapy may also use ‘Vocal Processing Techniques’ which combine movement, breath and visualization as well as voice. A therapeutic rhythm treatment/session is given using frame drum and therapeutic percussion comprises rainsticks, shakers, chimes and other percussion tools delivered in a specific order to maximize the therapeutic process. Sound Therapy is very effective at reducing stress. It also enables an individual to relax deeply, achieving an altered state of consciousness similar to deep meditation. Give your Mind, Body and Spirit a full Reset in 30 minutes!!!

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