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Frequently Asked Questions

 About Us 

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ReMynde Energetics & Spa is family owned & operated by Mike & Jamie Beverly along with their 2 sons Christian & Zac. They are a very active family who love being in nature
& helping others.


Jamie Beverly


US Army Veteran, Ex-Professional Athlete  Holistic Health & Wellness Advocate

Mike grew up on a cattle ranch in WY and joined the Army right out of High School. After the Army he Raced Professional Motocross, Supercross & Arenacross, as well as competing professionally in snowboarding. Mike's fast paced, adrenaline packed life left him with many injuries & afflictions. Paralyzed & told he would never walk again twice, lost his vision twice and completely lost his speech - all from major injuries. He was told he would have to live on narcotics and assistance for the rest of his life! He knew there was a better way than traditional medicine was offering and didn't stop until he was Healed! - Now his life mission is dedicated to sharing this knowledge & the methodologies he's learned with others. 

Mike Beverly

Jamie grew up participating in a number of different athletics & academics & gained an early interest in health & wellness. Her curious & adventurous spirit along with her strong desire to help others is a natural fit at ReMynde Energetics & Spa.


She also handles all of the administrative, social media & website details here at ReMynde. Feel free to send us a message with any questions or concerns! We look forward to hearing from you!

 What is Frequency Technology? 
How can it Help Me? 

Let's Start with Albert Einstein... 

once said,

“Everything is vibration.” On the most fundamental levels, humans and everything else in this world (and universe, for that matter) are made of pure energetic vibrations." 

Image by Hannes Richter

 So What does that mean to me? 

Body &

Since us and everything in the universe including all matter consists of energetic vibrations, we can easily manipulate and improve all matter with the application of frequency.

Correct application of frequencies using the most effective methodologies can create physical change right before your very eyes...


Ancient civilizations from around the world have utilized Sound & Vibration for healing, expansion of mind, connection with energetics and the spiritual world. We combine these ancient practices with the latest sound and frequency technologies to achieve higher vibration, neurologic enhancement and physiology only previously imagined!


 How do we apply this 
Frequency Treatment Technology? 

Know the 
Frequency & have the Power!

We have very powerful and effective frequency generators and various methods for applying these beneficial frequencies.

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