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Crystal Salt
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Scalar Wave Therapy

Super Charge, Repair and So Much More!

  • 30 minutes
  • 45 US dollars
  • 18th Street

Service Description

The discovery of scalar waves dates back to the 19th century and is attributed to James Clerk Maxwell. Many years later, it was Nikola Tesla who demonstrated the existence of scalar energy. Tesla expounded upon Maxwell’s discovery and referred to this energy as universal waves or standing energy. He demonstrated the existence of scalar energy and harnessed it without using any wires or cables. In the field of medicine, scalar waves combined with Rife technology for healing are ideal because medically scalar energy can break down any molecular bonds of fungi and bacteria. It also helps in neutralizing harmful man-made electromagnetic frequencies and radiations that are associated with the human body. It is due to these radiations and frequencies that imbalances and illnesses are caused in the human body. Scalar waves are all around us and scalar-wave technology can help us form a transcendental healing experience. In this healing process, individuals bathe in high dense, superconductive coherent energy fields while being infused with restorative information. Scalar waves promote profound healing because they operate at a frequency range that aligns with the Schumann Resonances (the heartbeat of our planet that we tap into when grounding ourselves). Scalar waves are three-dimensional self-contained waves that spin on one fixed axis. These non-linear waves disseminate throughout the bodies through crystalline lattices of elaborate collagen networks. Scalar waves help in increasing every hydrogen atom’s energy covalent level in the body. This is important because hydrogen bonds are crucial to our body’s ecosystem as they hold our DNA together. Scalar wave technology has many benefits and healing properties such as: • It helps in increasing the energy that holds hydrogen bonds of DNA together and also prevents any damage to them. • Scalar therapy helps you improve your immune system and its functioning. • Radiating energy from scalar waves has positive impacts on the brain which affects neurotransmitters and improves mental focus. • Scalar therapy causes cell membranes to vibrate an electrical charge that allows waste and toxins to move out and nutrients to move in the body. • Scalar waves also help in energizing your body’s cells and overall functions of your body. • It helps in reducing inflammation in the body. • The blood flow is also improved and the optimal amount of oxygen circulation. Re-Energize Today!

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