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Crystal Salt
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Zero G Full Body Shiatsu Massage Package

Includes VR and O2 Bar with Aromatherapy!

  • 30 minutes
  • 45 US dollars
  • 18th Street

Service Description

Take a 30 Minute Break and Completely Immerse your Every Senses in Relaxation and Rejuvenation. Receive the Full Mind, Body and Spirit Reset you need! Got a little extra time? Purchase an hour and receive the 2nd 30 minutes- FOR HALF PRICE! - Join our Family Plan and receive unlimited Monthly Visits for all Services- $90/ month! Super High-Tech Chair includes the ability to Auto Scan Your Body for a uniquely specific massage geared around your body and your needs! The intuitive system automatically detects your height, shoulder width and weight then with precision applies the right points to massage for you. Many special custom programs to choose from. Full Body Compression Therapy utilizes Airbags on your shoulder, neck, hands, arms, back, waist, hip, legs, and feet to provide a full-body airbag massage increasing circulation. One button zero-gravity mode allows you to reduce the burden of heart and back pain, reduces the pressure on the spine and joints, makes your heart lower than your legs, and your body is in a completely relaxed posture with the feeling of weightlessness in space. Negative Ion Generator releases negative ions, creates an atmosphere as if you were in the forest after the rain. Heating Function With back heat treatment function: carbon fiber infrared heat source. The heating pads on the lower back area will not only stimulate blood circulation but will also soothe your sore muscles or damaged tissues. USB Charging Port You can charge your mobile phone or tablet while massaging. Oxygen Bar included with your choice of therapeutic aromas. Recharge, Revitalize and Re-Energize your body within minutes and leave with a lasting and therapeutic healing effect. VR Immersion Therapy included. Many programs from meditative and therapeutic to extravagant travel or adventures of your choosing. You can also immerse yourself into incredible and personalized environments or experiences that are guaranteed to provide lasting memories and incredible results that are healthy for the mind, body and spirit. Healing Sound Bath and Frequential Bathing -Included. Custom Sound Bites Produced from our Full Body Energetics Analytics can be added for a very relaxing and personalized Healing Experience! Receive a Structured and Charged, Pure Shungite Water Shot. Drink 1 before and 1 after for an energized, hydrated, and high-power experience that you will actually feel!!! Give your Mind, Body and Spirit a full Reset in as little as 30 minutes!!!

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